Interesting Public Library Programs & Topics

Mastering Relationships @ Your Library  Using movies to discuss one’s marriage, per studies it can reduce divorce rates.  The list includes a couple of Katherine Hepburn movies, including, one of my favorites, “Desk Set.”  

Community Engagement This article featured a library in Kentucky which featured checking out experiences.  Among those listed were binoculars and books for bird watching, guitar lessons, fishing poles, and passes to tour the local fire & police departments.  It was even possible to check out night vision goggles!

Slow Cooking This winter has definitely been bitterly cold and lingering.  Libraries have tons of cookbooks and this article features slow cooking (aka crock pots) cookbooks.  The article includes recipes and information on several cookbooks including one for French cooking.  I would not have connected French cooking with slow cooking but it might be interesting.  

Enjoy your public library and see what exciting things they have available!

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